I Do, I Do, I Do!

3 Sisters Tie The Knot

It’s official The 3 Dee Sisters are off the Market! I have and will have the honor of being the Wedding Florist for all 3 Dee Sisters of the Central Coast, California. Can you imagine 3 Sisters with 3 beautifully different visions of their dream wedding?

Let’s begin with the first Dee Sister…

Jaime + Joshua • October 9th 2010

Color Palette: Dark Burgundy, Persimmon Orange, Golden Yellow
Inspiration: Fall, Elegance, Country, Vintage

dee abeloe 100910 bridal

Bridal Bouquet Components: Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Oranges, Ruby Red Pomegranates, Burgundy Celosia, Liquid Amber, Fall Foliage, Black Baccara Roses, Orange Milva, Dark Chocolate & Ring of Fire Sunflowers, Burgundy Dahlias, Curly Willow, Pepper Berry.

dee abeloe 100910 bridal wrap    Something New, Something Blue, Something Old…. Bouquet adorned by family keepsakes

dee abeloe 100910 corsage 2

Simple Elegance… Cushion Mum accompanied by a deliciously scented Cinnamon Stick

dee abeloe bout 100910

Handsome Burgundy Dahlia Boutonniere

 The Second Dee Sister…

Bethany + William • June 30th 2012

Color Palette: Dark Purple, Turquoise, Brown, White, Dark Green
Inspiration: Vintage

dee bride

 Bethany, Dee Sister Bride No.2

dee bridal 4

Bridal Bouquet Novelties: White Lisi, White Garden Roses, Pink Garden Roses, Gardenia, Rhinestone Brooches
dee maid 5

  Purple Dendroium Orchid helps tie in the Dark Hue Inspiration

dee hair 3

A Single White Gardenia’s beauty is heightened by the gorgeous Bride

Dee b & GMr & Mrs Benson 

Dee rb 3Couldn’t resist this one! 

Happy to announce the Final Dee Sister will soon say ‘I do!’ ….

Leah + Joel • August 10th, 2013

Color Palette: Greens, Yellow accents, Whites
Inspiration: Elegant, black and white damask, formal




Stay tuned for my posting on the final Dee sister ties the knot!


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